About Us

My company in North America more than twenty load in electronic audio, mainly the company exclusive brand VSONIC video series
Products, and current MIFI fast-network, telephone, television and telecommunications services.

As most of the region's most influential one of independent brands, and our management concept is the fashion video, it is with the person
This. No matter in quality management, brand innovation and after-sales service areas, are trying to do the best. Quality has a mouth
All tablet, Vsonic's brand awareness rising. Service and thoughtful close, save for the customer extra worries.

Products and services including four categories: karaoke video series, ITV series, Internet service, home telephone

Karaoke video series:
Karaoke machine, KTV, DVD PLAYER, megaphone, MIXER, microphone, electronic parts, etc.

ITV series:
TVPAD, jie, HD media player, IBOX, 1080 HD STBS, HD pot play king, HD antenna.

Internet services:
An unlimited DSL Internet service, an unlimited CABLE Internet services.

Telephone communication services:
Local telephone service, MIFI IP network telephone service, its plan for speak, international long distance as speak plan.

Most of the region have many stores and long square, the city square, jin square, Oriental plaza, woodside SQ
And there are outlets. For many years has been to provide customers with one-stop family video entertainment services.

Looking into the future, our company will be dedicated to the brand more development planning, and strive to keep pace with The Times, bring you more high-quality, more New audio-visual wonderful.